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Stopping particles popnet

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Hello everyone! The guys need help how to slow down or stop a particle based on its age. That is, the more her age. the slower she moved and then stopped altogether


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hey @Nemiko, you could use the inverse of @nage (normalized age, going 0-1 from birth to death - equivalent to @life/@age) as a damping factor on @v. In the example file, you can adjust the profile of the damping/stopping effect with a ramp parameter. To stop the wind from acting on deactivated points I just put them in a group and exclude it on the popforce parameters.

I adjusted the max lifetime (which is in seconds) of the particles to make values easier to pin down with the ramp, but you could also fit(val, min_val, max_val, 0, 1) the value into 0-1 range before running it through the ramp instead to prevent particles from dying.


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