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Justin K

Revolving Pyro Simulation

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  Im trying to get a pyro simulation that  slowly rotates around in a circle, with an open center.    Best way to imagine this is with a camera that is inside a hollow tornado, surrounded by a circular wall of smoke.  I have to make a section of this wall.  Then Im hoping I can instance the simulation a few times to get more depth......

Ive had decent success with the vortex force and a static collision object.  Vortex force drives a circular motion and then a static obstacle object in the center keeps it hollowed it out.  I run this for a bit and then I get a revolving band of smoke.  PROGRESS!

There are some issues though.  The simulation itself is slow (a thousand reasons for this I know there could be).  The thing is I have been pretty thorough with keeping the resolutions and voxel grids as large as possible for the test part of the process.  I was hoping I could iterate quickly.  But its not happening.   I have a just a few spherical emission points arrayed in a circle (only 11,000 voxels), and then I feed this into a pyro sim with a pretty agreeable division count (result is around 150,000 voxels). Its still taking a long time to sim.  


I udnerstand this is hard to debug without a scene file, but out of curiosity has anybody found an efficient alternative way to do this?  I originally created a radial velocity field in hopes of driving the sim, but the control was nowhere near as good as the vortex force.  

Any tips example files or suggestions would be appreciated!  Thank you!!!!



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