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Vellum cloth and frequency

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Any Vellum experts? Spent the entire day trying to get a desired cloth simulation. What I am after is a simulation that has variety and randomness in the 'frequency' of the waves or ripples. Something you might see in a very large billowing sail. Unfortunately there is no 'frequency' parameter I can find. I've tried playing with subdivisions, turbulence, roughness, pulse length, etc. I am using a single POP Wind force. Attached are my settings and results so far. If I could some how combine the attached result with random, higher frequency waves or ripples that would be ideal.








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You have 3 defferents ways to do this:

- adding 3 pops winds, one large freq, one middle and one small. (not a good solution to me, I don't like the pop wind not beautifull enough)

- inside a pop vop, adding 3 differents noise (Curlnoise can be nicer), with always the same rules of big, medium and small frequence noise

- You can simulate a wind using smoke solver (or pyro), and advecting you cloth with the vel grid. Animation looks more natural, with wind shadows ...

You can mix those three possibilities as well.


Hope it's help.


Mathieu Negrel



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