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Road UVs on existing geo

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I have this mesh of a road for an architectural project.

The texture i want to apply needs to flow with the direction of the road.

for the intersections i was thinking i could blend a different material similar to the directional one but without a lot of directional elements. Perhaps a modified version of the first one.

How can generate the correct uvs?

i know this is done easily with a sweep which generates uvs automatically, so i was thinking i could replicate my road with sweep geo somehow and then attribute transfer the uvs, but maybe someone knows a better way


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for shape like you have, i don't think you can make your life easier by trying to invent some sort of uv trick. I would just generate planar uvs from top down view and then paint the texture - or generate procedurally and bake into bitmaps.

sweep SOP does nothing more than "extrude along curve" thing - you will not be able to produce that kind of shape.

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