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Houdini & Octane Rendering Moving Flag

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Hello everybody,

I'm new here, and i hope i'll be clear to explain you my problem.
I made a moving flag on houdini. But now, i try to apply some material to it.
But what happen is my material is filling the hole between the moving rope/flag and my flagpole.

The Flag is made of two parts:
- The rope (on the left in houdini screenshot)
- The flag (on the right in Houdini screenshot)
The two are merge together, and after i applied some vellum constraints, vellum solver and file cache.

It worked with houdini/mantra material, but not with octane.
I guess i'm doing something wrong.
I let you some screenshot, hope it will help you.

Thank you!
Take Care




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Hello !
So i tried to find a solution (my post is waiting to be approved yet).
I thought it was an Octane problem, but it seems that it's more a houdini modeling problem.
My rope was just a line (Sounds like the beginning of a pop song)

I added a "Curve Surface" node to add some thickness to it.
And now, Octane understand the object i think.
I don't know if it's right, but it looks like it is.
If someone have another suggestion i will be glad to hear it.


But now... I'm in front of another problem.
1) I can't play anymore with the thickness of my rope after applied to it some vellum constraints/solver.
So.. it looks like a rope (don't look too close...), but.. i don't like to have no control on it.
If it's sounds... weird or complicated, i will find the solution, no worries.

but more importantly :
2) My flag is no longer attached to the rope. It give me some weird shape (see attached picture under)



I hope this post is in the right part of the forum ( i think it's more a Modeling problem now, but i wanted to give an answer to my post)
And I hope that i was understandable.

Thank you!

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