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No possible (working) way to get Assets from UE4 into Houdini PDG??

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I've been working a lot with PDG lately, using Houdini Engine 2 and UE4. 
As it seems, there's no way to get Asset data from UE4 into a PDG-hda. 

Usually I can e.g. expose the objpath from an Object Merge node to import data.
This works fine in "normal" HDAs, but when using PDG the data is discarded along the way. Debugged that with Session Sync and can see that the Assets are imported into the network, but aren't available anymore once they reach 
hdaprocessor in the PDG network. -> this has to be a bug and I already filed a bug at SideFX, but no response yet.

I can't use HDA inputs either since in PDG there's only a hdaprocessor that holds the HDA - so no inputs are exposed in the PDG-HDA. 

Can't be the only one who ran into this problem :-) 
I asked around everywhere but didn't get any response at all. 

Anybody got an idea?



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Hey Ron,

just ran into the same issue right now and found your post here. Did you receive any feedback in the meantime (or solve the problem?)



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Just found the solution:
TOP node "Geometry Import" allows for fetching SOP geometry, which will then be temporarily stored on disk. The work item will have the proper @pdg_output attrib and can then be used in the HDA processor.

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Just stumbled in here. You can also pipe the geo directly into the HDA, you just have to wire the inputs from the HDA Processor through, to the PDGs parameters. If the description below doesn't clear things up for you, let me know and I'll try again =)


  1. Select HDA Processor Node
  2. Select HDA Parameters in Parameters Panel (those must have been setup in the HDA)
  3. Wire up the HDAs Parameters in the PDGs Type Properties, those get exposed in unreal via the plugin


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