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Modified principled shader won't export to ifd

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Hey everyone,

so I've set up a scene with a principled shader and it rendered fine when I exported it to ifds and rendered it on our farm. But then I needed an extra AoV for an attribute to mask out parts of the object that has the shader assigned. In order to get that to render, I opened the principled shader and did a simple bind->bind export setup for that variable which then rendered fine locally. But from then on, no matter what I tried when exporting the scene to ifds, the object with the open principled shader would always render as if it has no material assigned. I tried forcing VEX shader embedding, which made the ifds quite a bit bigger and made me hopeful, but to no avail, all I get is grey shading. For now, I render the mask as a constant material in a separate mantra node but there has to be a way to output an attribute in an AoV when using the premade shaders. Any help is very welcome!.

Thanks in advance,


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A simple example seems to work for me locally.  You can generate a IFD locally then just call the command-line Mantra on that IFD to test...  that should help narrow down where things are going wrong.

Another debugging tip is to open the IFD in a text editor and double-check you see your modified shader source in there (could be hard to find, but you should be able to just search for the bind export variable name).



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