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"Simple" transforms are eluding me

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I'm trying to make simple patterns/tessellations like the first image (randomized 1 axis rotations, etc.). But my geometry won't lie flat or line up with the grid. I've tried many different orient values, but I can't seem to do a simple 1 axis rotation. It always looks like I spilled potato chips on the ground. Am I just using the wrong quaternion values or is there something wrong with each shapes anchor point? Do I need to nest each triangle in a square plane before rotating them?







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using your file: moving/rotating the triangle, that the midpoint of the longest line is in the center, extract the primitive centers of the grid, getting random values (0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75)  and multiplying them with 2*PI and construct a rotation matrix (convert it to quaternion attribute).  


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