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Image transition using moving scales ( UVs ) (beginner)

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Hey! It's my first post here on the forum, I'm trying to learn houdini and my problem might sound easy to you but I can't get my hand on the solution.

I want to replicate the effect in this video (Blender Tutorial) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcjrD5SwQBw

I managed to get a simplified similar effect but i'd like to have different textures on each UV projected sides of the scales.

How can I make this? I was thinking with the timeshift and project the first and the last frame but I'm not sure how to do it...

Also It would be nice to have a falloff on the influence of the point to VOP "look at" orientation if someones knows how I could do it.

Thanks a lot! :D





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to get the uvs on different sides, you can create reference copies and transfer the uvs to the deformed geometry for example. Here is an example file (trying to recreate the effect in the video). All steps are quite straighforward and usually substitutable. My approach is using a reference object (sphere) and an influence object (cube) to assign attributes. The bending part is bit critical in performance. At the end I've used simple material to visualize the uv effect.


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Thanks a lot for helping me, it's perfect and very clear!


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