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I've been working on some cool little projects in my free time and today I'm open sourcing the first one!

texture-synthesis-houdini || https://github.com/manuelkoester/texture-synthesis-houdini

It's an open source Houdini / PDG plugin for EmbarkStudios' texture-synthesis, which is an example-based algorithm for image generation.
Meaning you put in textures as examples and you will get new, similar textures from the textures you put in! Embark also added additional parameters to guide the algorithm to your needs, which enables lots of cool things.

That way we can finally give our little Pighead the love it deserves; A texture for its neck! Created fully procedurally based on parts of its original texture.


I've added a small Digital Asset which lets you drive the algorithm with Houdini Attributes, so it can plug nicely into your existing workflows. :)



Give it a try here: https://github.com/manuelkoester/texture-synthesis-houdini
If you want to see following updates tools, give me a follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShadesOfOrange_

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Hey Robert,

it's not a realtime implementation like in the second paper, but yes; it can do what the papers describe.

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Can you do some videos of the plugin in action?

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