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mm BurnOut v1 - H17.5 and up

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Hi there!

After more time of working, testing, and, more long process, writing the documentation (help offline) I publish my new OTL for Houdini (17.5 and up) to create a dust/smoke FX generated from the contact between one or more geometry.
The tool is inspired by another tool I did and used in production on some TV-Show for kids (check on my LinkedIn profile). In the last 4 months, I re-created, re-design, and fixed some problems from the old OTL for made a very stable and cool tool you can use for your FX and in more cases is "ready-out-the-box".
It's a payment tool and if you buy the version for Houdini 17.5 I give you a free update for the next release with the sparse solver.
If you follow me on Patreon you can take it for free.
I'm working on the version with sparse solver, if you get it now you have the update for free.






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With this HDA you can create a dust/smoke simulation so quickly (save 75% of the time comparative the traditional way).



New features in release 1.5

  • Unlock/open HDA
  • Toggle show emitter geometry
  • Toggle show pyro emitter
  • Toggle enable/disable Noise on pyro emitter
  • Toggle switch to VDB cache
  • Improved Boundaries and show grids with voxel resolution
  • Improved interface for Fields when you save the bgeo cache
  • Improved documentation




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