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import geo attribute in heightfield

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Is there a way of importing an attribute from the geo world to the heightfield world?

I want to use the mask generated by the new node in 18.5 "Distance from geometry" as a mask in the heighfield. I've tried Bind import in Heightfield VOP but didn't know how to connect it? I can bring attributes from heightfield to geo but not the other way around.

Any idea?

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heightfields are just 2d volumes, so you can flatten your geo to the same plane 

- and either rasterize your attribute to volumes using one of many methods (VDB from polys, Attribute Rasterize, ...) and sample that volume onto Layer in Volume Wrangle

- or directly sample the geo in Volume Wrangle (xyzdist) per voxel of heightfield layer and get the value (primuv), which may be slower than sampling the volume, but the same idea

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