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Heightfeild Erosion in latest build.. Capricious animal?

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Im facing some weird behavior with the Sidefx erode node in the 18.5 build 452. Not about the result, but it's very capricious to cook, and i can't understand why someone it work and sometimes now. To my feeling right now it's looks more like a bug, but maybe i missed something, or lat least, i was wondering if some other people has experiment the same and found a workaround?

Note im using large complex terrains...



Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts


Basic_proceduralheightfield_with_variante _possible_oneclick_houdinicapture.PNG











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Are you generating surfaces procedurally or using real-world elevation/survey data?  From my limited experience with the terrain tools, I've found them to be finicky in re-cooking the chain for whatever reason, requiring me to step back and manually re-cook nodes higher up the chain at times.  I'm not ruling out memory/resource limitations on my hardware side - maybe I was hitting cache limits - but it seemed problematic for me to get things to fully re-cook down a chain consistently.

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Hi Ryew


I do both, but mostly procedural or if i started by data i combine.

My experience is the same as yours. Even if i disable the erosion caching, it doesn't help. Sometimes i have to creat a new erosion node, even if erosion setting were by default.

I didn't remember i had the same issue before but i maybe didn't push it as far as now.

Im now a terrain expert, i build all kind of stuff, but right now it's where my need are..

Gaia by the way is really much faster at processing erosion.

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