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POP Force Mass Remap

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Hello Everyone

I noticed that many parameters have a "Use VEXpressions" checkbox and i try to understand them.

In my example i would like to remap the mass of the pieces by VEX. Preferably using a Ramp! And all that inside the local VEX of the POP Force :-)

So that there is a better distribution of pieces in Y.

I can't make it work... should it?


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Use vexpression is used to dynamically adjust one or more parameters you see in the node, NOT updating point attribute individually. To do the later use pop wrangle/ geometry wrangle. 

To use vex in pop force you can enable the top vexpression and use something like this:


force *= fit(@P.x, -2,2,.5,2);


those particles on one side will have half the force settings and on the other will have twice the strength



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