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Solaris: Export USD with USD ROP - material not working for rubbertoy

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I'm in stage (Solaris) context. I have added a test geometry rubbertoy, a domelight, and that's it.

Now I want to export as USD, I use a USD rop, I save the file. and open t in Pixar's usdview.

The rubbertoy is there, but the material doesn't show up although it's listed in the treeview.

I've tested with the tree usd scenes from Pixar (Kitchen set, city, usdskel) and it looks fine, all the materials are there.

What am I doing wrong for the rubbertoy material?

(the order of attached images is inversed)






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If I had to take a guess it's because the textures for the Rubber Toy are embedded inside the Rubber Toy HDA. So you'd have to export those textures and apply a new material with the proper texture paths, as USD View most likely doesn't understand Houdinis 'op:' syntax.

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he is correct, the rubbertoy is not USD / Solaris workflow conform. SidefcFX needs to fix it. the whole workflow of Solaris is still a mess and i guess, it will change a lot in future updates.

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