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Trouble with alembic export--flickery geo, color sets inaccessible

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Alrighty, I'm trying to export a very straightforward system to alembic for use in Maya. A very simplified version is attached--an emitter emits particles, there's a trail, those are added to create a line, and a polywire makes them into geo.

This should be easy (haha), but I'm getting inconsistent results (user error, no doubt), none of which are the one I want. For the most part, the color sets are inaccessible--Cd shows up in the color set editor, but does nothing when used as Cd in an Arnold user data color node for a material. Also, the geo tends to be "flickery", and getting close to it in the viewport the Cd-based colors (visible, at least, in the viewport) are jumping about and it looks like there are occasional normals reversing.

If I reimport an .abc into Houdini it seems to work fine. The closest to success I got was to write it out as a bgeo sequence and use Houdini Engine to bring that into Maya and write an .abc from Maya--the geo appeared okay, but the color set didn't carry over (even though I had "write color sets" clicked).

What is wrong with my settings, or with the way my system is built?


Thanks for any help!


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