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extrude node don't work correctly

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hi everyone,

first, sorry for my english, i hope you will understand me.

i want extrude a line for creating animation..

my lines come from an object, but for this demo, it's ony simple line node.

when i extrude this simple line, extrude are not possible only if i rotate my line with a transform node.. if my lines are totaly in my axis, i can't extrude him.
it seem me that it's not right..
please, someone have an idea for change this?

my goal is each line are extruded in same orientation.


you will find my file in attachement.

you can change switch node for see what i say..

If someone can help me, it will good for me be.

i thank you for read me.





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@supermac hm i See that like this!!
Somehow if we take this and use poly expand 2d and then somehow raycast to original shape HM Yupiiiiii Maybeee

90 :wub:

float theta = radians(ch("theta"));
vector p0 = 0;
vector p1 = {1,0,0};
vector p2 = set (cos(theta),sin(theta),0);
vector p3 = cross(p1,p2);




int sig = p3.z > 0? 1: -1;
@angle1 = (degrees(sig*acos(dot(p1,p2)))+360)%360;
@angle2 = (degrees(atan(dot({0,0,1},p3),dot(p1,p2)))+360)%360;
theta = degrees(theta);


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thank you very much..

i will try..


but it's really complicated, no?

why houdini can't extrude a simple line?

it seem me that older versions can do!?!



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 @supermac For multiple Lines I think it has to do with normal's  I think. 
For just One Use Transform Extruded front (CHECK) in poly extrude.

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