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Randomise UV Layout Position

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This is a bit of a tricky one, so I'll start with what I'm trying to achieve.. I'd like to end up with a block or group of scattered objects that is tileable in a seamless pattern.

I'm trying to make use of the UV layout's packing system, which does a great job of pushing all the objects right up to each other, with a really nice even gap in between each object.

I'm using some VEX to reposition the UV'd objects into 3D space, however I'd like a more randomised layout, rather than all the large and small objects packed together next to each other.
If I tile this square of objects, it's going to be very visible that this is a tiled object. I guess this is going against how the UV layout node is setup to work?

Would anyone have any ideas on how to achieve a more randomised look?

Hip file attached of where I'm up to.


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How about using a "connectivity" sop to create a "class" attribute on the prims. Use attribute promote to promote the class attribute from prims to verts. Then use this in vertex wrangle:

@uv += rand(i@class)*10;


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