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Flip Container fit into a cylinder?

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Hi, I´m relative new with houdini and I hope to find here some hints.

When I create a crown splash particle fluid (only an example) I get a quadratic container with only a thin water surface - perfect!

But what happend, when I need exact that emmiter in a wirlpool cylinder shape, or a spherical goldfish glass.

Both have a round shape and all what I need is what happens inside, inclusive the collisions with the border.

The idea is, that I don´t need to fill the whole pool with 10 thousands particles.

Is there a way?

Thanks for help


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hey, thanks for the realy good tuts. Saw so many the last weeks, but not this one.

Unfortunately he shows ponly the 10thousands particle way, fill a volume with particles.

I hoped to find a way to fill only the surface of the glas and the collider object forms the volume of the fluid mesh.

And in the meantime, I discovered the "Substract Collision Volumes" option in the Particle Surface OP.

Is this what I dream about? Hopefully.

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