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Bullet deforming static geometry substeps

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Hello guys. I found strange behavior in bullet. I have medieval wooden cart, full of heavy stones, moving fast from the hill. By default, bullet have 10 substeps, should be good enought. Cart is rigged, and it is deformed, twisted so I need him as deforming static object. If I check cart with timeblend, frame increment 0.1 in SOPs, I can see slight movement of geo, dive to DOPs, bullet stones fall, but my cart, deformed static geo is jumping on full frames. No movement inbetween frames. That causes ofcourse incorect collisions and all kind of bad things. I tested in H18, H18.5 same results. So I never had collision geometry substeps??? Is there some easy fix, how to force bullet recompute deforming static object every given substep? Thanks a lot. 

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