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Dust pyro sim

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Hello fellow Houdini artist,
I have created a grain simulation and want to add dust smoke to it. I've been trying to iterate and work on it for a few weeks now and can't find any solution, because my pyro looks really crappy and I can't find a way how to do it. Right now because I used rbd for making grains, I take the same rbd to produce debris and from that I make pyro. But the first problem is that my pyro always is very low res and no matter how much I pump it (pushing to like 100mil voxels, still looks bad), but also not sure how to make my pyro source, so the dust would fit my grain simulation. What did I want to ask- what would be the best way to make a source for this simulation and how to get better quality from it?  Thank you.

P.S I am attaching a photo of my pyro sim when it has 100mil voxels and a video of grain sim



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Thank you very much, it actually helped ! ^^


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