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Can't seem to replicate a CHOPs setup from an older file

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Greetings all!

I'm a relative noob to Houdini and trying to replicate a CHOP network that was created a few years ago for a Lynda.com tutorial. I triple-checked and with the exception of frame-ranges, all my nodes and settings are identical to the original, though the one critical difference (presumably) seems to be that in some of the old network's nodes, the Mode is set to "Constant Range" instead of "Range" (node info comparison here). I can't find the place to change this setting - hoping some CHOP ninja can help!

Here's ink to a reduced version of the original tutorial file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zlj9uujmpkap46v/LyndaTutorial_Reduced.zip?dl=0

More importantly, below is a link to a file that contains the original CHOP network (copy/pasted from original file) next to my 'built from scratch' new CHOP network: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4k4rd01j1ja97a8/ForEach_old_vs_new.zip?dl=0 

I rebuilt the network because the original was a .hipnc. In above-linked file, I've wired up some side-by-side node networks to show how the CHOP net should be working (works fine with the original) and how it's not working (with my rebuild). Attached is a jpg preview of what the network looks like - I'm ultimately trying to use the CHOP to drive an array of points up a surface.

Preemptive thanks to any responders!





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Hi Librarian

Thank you for the response. I'm not sure how you changed the file, but I rebuilt again in HoudiniIndie and the process revealed my errors.

Per the CHOP net:

- it appears I'd had a syntax error in expression in my Constant node.

- also, in looking at the graph view, I noticed the cy value was flat rather than ramped (because I didn't think to put a keyframe at the end :blush:)


For the ForEach blocks, it appears I was Fetch(ing) Input, (rather than Fetch(ing) Points,) and was also looking for the eval numbers before evaluation had actually happened (didn't realize you sometimes have to manually force it to evaluate).

In any event, thanks again for responding and for displaying your inspiring Houdini work.




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