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Python: Build Dict, and create node if does not exist.

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( I posted this on the sidefx forum as well, posting here as well to hopefully get more eyes on this . )


Hey there guys.

So in my journey to learn some scripting/python... I am having some issues  ( code below )

So I am trying to create a shelf script that goes through all geo objects in the scene, creates a new specific geo node, and within it make a pointcloud that would be made from the values collected.

I am hoping to build the pointAttrib dict, and as it's looping through the objects, append to the list.

at the end of the script, I want to print/use the list of values but only one set of values prints. I am expecting at least 10 object names and their respective values.

Anyone have the time to point me in the right direction? I'd love to know what I am doing wrong.

pointAttrib ={}

def selectSubChildrenOfType(node, node_type):
    for child in node.allSubChildren():
        if child.type() == node_type:
            #print child.name()
            #print child.worldTransform()
            trX =  str(child.worldTransform().at(3,0))
            trY =  str(child.worldTransform().at(3,1))
            trZ =  str(child.worldTransform().at(3,2))
            #create dictionary from info above.
            keys = {'name': child.name(), 'tx': trX, 'ty': trY, 'tz': trZ}

#            print "obj "+ (pointAttrib["name"]) + " transX " + (pointAttrib["tx"])

            # print a readable version of the values we generated.
#            print "translate X: " + trX
#            print "translate Y: " + trY
#            print "translate Z: " + trZ
# executes the defined function above.         
selectSubChildrenOfType(hou.node("/obj"), hou.objNodeTypeCategory().nodeTypes()['geo'])

#create a point per transform matrix that was found in the selctSUbChildrenOfType function.

for key in pointAttrib:
    print key
    print pointAttrib[key]


Question number 2: How would the code look for creating a node only if it doesn't exist. ( if I point to the specific node directly ). It's a bit of a chicken or an egg problem and I'm not sure how I would solve it.

So far I have tried.. but yeah it's not right, but at least thats where my head is at. Any ideas? hints? tips?


def createNodeIF(node, name)
    for child in node.allSubChildren():
        if child.name() != name:
            hou.node("/obj").createNode("geo", "pointcloud" )

Any help would be appreciated.

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