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Purple object on render

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I've just started experimenting with Houdini and Octane Render. Forgive my simple questions. I've loaded an fbx model and on the object geometry applied the octane diffuse shop. I render and don't see the material applied. Instead I see a purple color. What am I doing wrong?


Also if possible can someone tell me how to quickly hide the entire skeleton from the render.


Thanks for your help!




Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 8.38.59 PM.png

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Dont know octane but in RM I think it’s an indices for missing materials

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Hi Domid,

Your FBX has materials already assigned at sop level, so when you apply /shop/octane_diffuse1 to your female body, the shader isn't used as he's using the ones defined by your fbx node.

If I where you I put that body in another geometry container using an object merge, this way, if you have to reload/swap your fbx,  you keep it non destructive.
Then you can remove the material assignments with an attribute delete (delete shop_materialpath prim attribute). Once you do that, your geometry level shader will be used.

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