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Split up primitives from a mesh and stick it to a moving particle

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First post ever, but already learned a lot on this forum!
But I need some help and I can`t figure it out (still a student).

Split up the primitives of a mesh and stick it onto a particle (POP) to get floating primitives (random rotations).
So we get the start shape of the mesh that then every primitive departs from following the particle previously created from the center of that primitive.

In attachment I placed my proof of concept file.

Kind regards!


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I almost got it, took it to complicated the first time. I'm doing it with rbd now with a good result.
The remaining question I don't seem t to be able to solve is the animated group selection. When I animated the primitives into a group, the sim doesn't show any influences, while if it's a fixed group, then it works like I want to.

Kind regards,



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I had a look at your hipfile and I think I've come up with a solution for what you wanted to do. I made one version of your v003 and one version of your v004, I didn't see the update till after I had fickled with the first hip so the solution there is probably not what you are going for but might still be useful for something down the line.

The answer to your problem can basically be summed up in three word, "the "active" attribute". There are three attributes that, when enabled in the rbdpackedobject node, can easily influence your rbd sim (and I think pop and vellum sim also, though don't me on that before checking). These are: "active", "animated", "deforming". They are all just 0 or 1 attributes that tell the geometry how to behave in the sim and has the express purpose of solving situations like this where you want to stagger/control the activation of your pieces.

Hope it can be useful to you!
Good luck


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Hi Peon,

Just looked at your solutions, the 2nd is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

Kind regards!

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