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Slowing down an animation with an object that tears into 2 parts

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I have a velum sim where my object tears and split into 2 parts.
I would like to slow down the animation. The problem is that when I re-sim with an adjusted scale time (on the dop parameter), my animation behaves differently. The motion is different. It is slower but the behaviour is different.

I would like to keep the exact same behaviour/mption, just slower. I tried with the retime sop, it does what I wanted at first, but as soon as it reaches the moment where the tear happens, there is a glitch/artefact occurring due to I suppose a clash between a slower time and the same amount of substeps.

Any way to get around that without re-siming at a lower speed?


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Look into the "retime" node.
As long as the point count stays the same it should work out of the box. If it changes you'll need to set up id/name attributes for your points and primitives.

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