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FLIP fluid moving around object

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Hello guys i with a job that has an droplet falling into object then embracing/huggind the geometry.

i using an POP curve force to guide the fluid along an line

however the initial point of the curve is really close to the end point curve, while in simulation it start to stick/attract the particles promptly in the end of the track.

i would like the fluid flow completly trought the curve, without it getting stuck at end of line at start. 

please help

ps: im build an simple .hip file to explain 




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Hi Gariel, I gave it a shot and I think the curve suction tunnel was just a tiny bit too narrow (I set it 0.7 instaed of 0.6) and the slip on collision scale was too sticky (I set it to 1 instead of default 0.1)


Hope it works on your end



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