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Hero Waves + Simulation

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Hi there!


I'm working on an effect to create a kind of hero / tidal wave look using the regular Ocean Spectrum SOP and a VOP-based deformation. I was trying to find some information online about the various approaches for an effect like this to create some secondary simulated effects for whitewater / splash. There's a couple threads here bouncing the topic around but curious how you would approach an effect like this. Currently I'm taking the output of Ocean Evaluate and deforming it + copy and pasted the same VOP inside the "Ocean Foam" node in the displacement section. As you'd expect, because the velocity of the deformation itself is sort of lost in all of this (and because I don't think the Ocean Foam SOP is meant for this sort of thing) the foam particles just stick to the top of the mesh. I also noticed in my research that in waves like this there is this sort of upward-moving whitewater that creates beautiful streaks in the wave (in addition to the bubbling, foamy cusp of the wave).

Ultimately looking to add a collider into the scene and create a sort of "surf" effect but that comes later ;)

Really loved these big waves as a reference:

I've attached my *pretty basic* .hip file for you to take a peek at!

Excited to hear your thoughts!


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To me it looks like the tidal wave itself isnt actually moving or deforming in any meaningfull way. Just the secondaries are suggesting some kind of movement, besides that the tidal is just transforming a bit. Regarding the secondaries you could try using a VDB representation of that tidal geo and use it as a "collider" with a volume sample. Add some custom velovitie fiels ontop of the geo and drive particles with that. you dont really need the ocean foam node for this. 

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