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Vellum Pile up with seed shape

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I'm trying to create a pile of seed.

I searched and found a topic in the forum said about the candy made with rbd but the candy is much bigger in size than a seed so the number is quite too extreme

I gave up and give vellum a try.
Right now I can pile it up but for some reason it has strange orient and a huge gap between them

I gave up with overlapping and intersect. Now I'm desperate to know how making it looks like a pile
Thank you for reading this






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Posted (edited)

Copying the seed to the input points before simulating creates a more interesting stacked result



If you visualize the Thickness attribute, you can see the spherical grains being simulated are packed next to each other correctly - it is the seed geometry you are copying to those points that is creating a visual offset.  Since grains are spherical, if you want the seed geometry itself to collide and pack together naturally, you'll probably want to make that geometry vellum objects for simulation or possibly look at using Bullet instead.





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Thanks for pointing it out.
Now I understand why it created a gap evenly between them

Please correct me if I misunderstood you, I should use Vellum objects to preserve the shape and the bullet solver right?

Thank you for your time!

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I was suggesting that you consider using an alternative vellum type besides grains or instead of vellum, try using the the bullet solver (with no vellum).  In either case, if you used a lower-resolution geometry for a more efficient simulation and then instanced the higher-resolution geometry back on at rendertime (discussed previously in forum if you search for the thread), that seems like it could work well.

However,  perhaps someone else on the forum can suggest the best approach for this type of simulation.  I have only ever used grains for dirt/mud particles, and used bullet for larger debris like rocks, leaves etc. so have not had experience with this specific type of simulation.

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Oh I see,

Thank you for the suggestion. 

And thank you so much for the swap low res for sim. It's really new thing to me.

Really grateful for your help and time


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