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Flip invert mask

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Hello guys,

i using the Particle Fluid Surface SOP to build the mesh of the simulation, however i need the increase the volume of mesh just at bottom of the model.

i find the mask options quite usefull doing that job

when i place the geometry to use as mask, the entire simulation mesh gets dilated and where is the geometry still same size (its inverted)

i trying to set the dilate thing just inside the mask, but with no luck yet.

thanks in advance.

ps: i uploaded an basic .hip scene





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7 hours ago, Sepu said:

Make sure you are using a fog vdb instead. 

damn, i feel totally fooled now. i was giving huge turnaround, such boolean with inverted geometry to avoid that still of of this was a huge piece of crap.

thanks, that was exactly what i looking for.

still not sure about the logical reason but yeah works.




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