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Volume collisions showing grid shape

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Hello. I'm trying to practice the entagma colored smoke video but whenever my smoke collides with the donut shape it gets this weird square shape. It looks like voxels, but it only happens when the smoke collides with the object. I've tried different objects, in my hip file and image I just have a sphere for the collider object and I'm still getting this issue. I've tried changing the particle size for the pyro source and all the other settings on that, the volume rasterize attributes, and changing the division size on my smoke object but nothing seems to fix this. I tried changing the static object settings as well but nothing. Has anyone else had this issue? I've seen other people with similar issues in the past but haven't been able to find a resolution yet, thx. I'm rendering in redshift too but have tried messing with all of the settings in the shader doesn't seem to be an issue with that. Attached screenshot of issue and hipfile. 



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