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Advect particles with object

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Hi All!


I am trying to simply advect particles using the geometry of an object moving past them - I'm just looking for a small bit of interaction between them. 

Could someone point me in the right direction. 

Searching it online, all I seem to find is "popAdvectByVolume". 


Thanks so much!!




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@Mark01 Old particle system "POPNET" from 16.5 can be reproduced in 18.5...

if you have time download 16.5 open and investigate..Have Fun

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Posted (edited)

@Mark01 if someone Have Time? to make this for solver and 18.5 I  don't understand clearly :huh:

#pragma label damp "Damp"
#pragma label springIdx "Spring Index"
#pragma label magExp "Magnet Exponent"
#pragma label magnetScale "Magnet Scale"
#pragma label maxDist "Max Distance"

SpringMagnet(float damp = 0.9;
            float springIdx = 0.5;
            float magExp = 1;
            float magnetScale = 0.5;
            float maxDist = 1;
vector target = point(1, "P", 0);
vector rest   = point(geoself(), "rest", ptnum);

// get the spring force based on the rest position
vector displace = rest  - P;

vector springForce = displace * springIdx;

// get the magnet force from the target position
vector magDist = P - target;
float distance = length(magDist);

vector magnetForce = set(0,0,0);

if(length(distance) < maxDist){
    distance = pow(fit(distance, 0 , maxDist, 1, 0), magExp);
    magnetForce = normalize(magDist) * distance;

vector mainAcc = magnetForce * magnetScale + springForce;

v += mainAcc;
v = v * damp;
P += v;



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