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How do I achieve this effect?

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Hi, I'm new to houdini, and I wanna achieve this kinda look.


I think it is made by pyro sim and convert it to mesh,


But when I convert my pyro sim to mesh, it does not have smoky details like above. Just looks like chunk of particles.


image.png.1b957d46c7bc5157e0250e2d11f2cfa3.png like this...........




Hip file included. Any help would be really appreciated..Thanks!!







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ok first you should make a explosive smoke effect and then take the density data of that and convert that to polygon soup (I think with convert vdb)

for the color you can use fuzzy input inside VOPs and create a range for changing colors and export that as an attribute , take that attribute and connect to the ramp node and connect the output to the Cd attribute inside Vops and done.


your problem could be from several things. 1. your simulation parameter could be better to produce a softer smoke without any too much detail and 2.you can use smooth node to smooth things out. 3. but I assume your problem comes from your density data. don't use shredding for you smoke and turn of turbulence in your pyro solver and test and test and test with various parameters to get the look that ya want. 4. you should put a grid on your smoke and make the grid a collision object. 5. the shape of source for emitting smoke is really important , you think he used a circle or tube but the size of them is important maybe he change the tube size over time and ...


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