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[GIF INCLUDED]How do I achieve this effects?

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I've setted up for infection growth effects, 


But extuding mesh like tetrahedron is the issue what I got stuck...


I thought it is straightforward to achieve with using polyextude node,





When I change inset parameters on the node, It does not work anymore...






I already watched Entagma's low poly transform tuts below this,

But in that remeshed triangular mesh, I cannot handle the extrusion height like the gif reference....








Is there any tuts or hints for that?


Any help would be really appreciated... Thanks


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Try searching this site, or click on the link in my signature. A lot of these effects have already been explored.


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@Atom Really appreciated.. I tried to find through the sites but I just only typed 'tetrahedron' and triangulate to find what I wanna achieve, so I couldn't find that thread..(I'm not that good at Eng... sorry)


Anyway, it's really appreciated again. Thanks.


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