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Simple Constrain-To-A-Single-Point Setup

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Hi all,

Another Noob question here:

I'd like create a setup that takes my object A (in this case, a Line SOP) and constrains its pivot position and vector angle to the pos and N of a given point on object B (in this case a mesh object). I'd like to include in the setup, an integer slider that lets me choose the point number.

I have to imagine this is a fairly simple thing to do and have been searching for the right tutorial but haven't found it yet. Can anyone out there share a tutorial link, or maybe a VEX snippet?

BTW, I'd welcome a VOP solution just as well.

Preemptive thanks to any responders!



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The easiest way to do this is probably via Copy to Points. Just object merge your Object B into a network, define the point you want as a point group, then Copy to Points to that point group. Your line will automatically align its local +Z axis to the point normal of your template mesh.

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