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Hello everyone !


I've got some issue with a rbdbullet solver, most precisely with rbd constraint.


I'm trying  to simulate a props destruction but in the same time I want it to be pinned constraint to another object (who is animated in the scene), and i can't find the way to do it.

( the props to sim is attached to another object who moves and in the same time is simulated a rbd bullet solver).


I tried with the new rbd configure, pin constraint, I use bound from another object but went the parent object move, the sim props loose the pin constraint.

maybe i'm doin it in the wrong way...

If someone wants to take a look I attached the scene

Shear Test 05.hiplc


Here is a more explicit picture.

The green is the object simulated, the Blue is the static bound geometry and the Red is the pinned animation constraint.

I want the green to be attached to the red.


Can comeone solve my problem ?

Ho, and I'm on Houdini 18 ;)


Thanks a lot !


Shear Test 05.hiplc


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I am going to assume the object in the middle is a vellum cloth?, My advice would in your vellum cloth constraint pinning specific points to your initial geometry. this should hopefully give you a different result

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No, it's a Rigid Body Solver.

I wan it  to be broken like metal  or concrete, and I don't find the way to get something rigid with vellum.

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