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Show All Visibility of KineFX Controls?

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I have a separate skeleton for arm and leg.
I add separate controls for each joint chain.
Currently, I have to select their respective rig pose node to able to manipulate them.
So when I select the arm rig pose, the leg controls disappear. And vice versa.

In the object level rigging, all the controls are visible by default.
Is there a specific set-up where I can set all the visibility of all RIG POSE nodes?

Basically, I don't want to select them individually in the node editor.
Select them at the viewport and have them automatically selected in the node editor.


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I checked a substantial number of YT videos regarding KineFX and no one shows this.

Is KineFX really just for mocap? And not for the usual handkeyed animation?
I just want to animate through the viewport (click the onscreen controls and animate).

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If you actually build a hda out of a few rigpose nodes you can have it display the controls of those nodes at the same time.

I'd suggest you to look at these youtube videos which will give you a good idea of how to set it up


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Posted (edited)

I found Parker Coleman's stuff helpful. He's got a cheap Patreon account that goes through a pretty systematic rig as well. I thought it was helpful.

The short answer is that KineFX is v1.0. You can definitely do traditional rigging and animation, but it's still a little counter-intuitive. They definitely focused on re-targetting out of the gate, but they've been teasing new rig tools in the next version.

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