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VDB level set or fog volume

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I have created a smoke sim using axiom solver and then created a vdb file from that. 
When I try to render that vdb using Renderman 23.5 i get the below error. 
Plugin error: impl_openvdb: Field function grid "temperature" in file "Z:/Library_rman/props/Mashal/vdb/Mashal_Fire_v1.0028.vdb" is not a level set or a fog volume, specify "temperature:levelset" or "temperature:fogvolume" to disambiguate
[INFO python.RenderLog]: G29017 {ERROR}   The "ImplicitFieldNew" function in Implicit plugin "impl_openvdb" returned NULL.
My question is at the time of creating the vdb file how can i specify a level set or a fog volume so that Renderman can render the vdb?

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