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Voronoi Fracture creating holes in outer geo

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Hi all

i was wondering if someone can help me. I couldn`t find the relevant topic by searching, but if there is i`m happy with just the link to it as well.

here is my issue : i`m using Voronoi Fracture on my Geo on which i have applied some noise in Point VOP. For the scatter i am using a VDB cloud created from the same geo. 

But for some reason it creates holes on the surface, or indents. and i`m not sure how to solve it. It`s more obvious if i don`t allow the Voronoi Fracture to create inner geo.

I have tried increasing the resolution with Divide, it made it look better but didn`t actually solve the issue

i tried creating a much bigger VDB from it`s own bounding box to fully surrounds my geo, 

I tried fusing after, but that ruins the Geo, as by the time i fuse all the wholes together, it fuses other parts that i don`t want to fuse. 

. Is my workflow wrong.

i will add before voronoi and after voronoi pics. 

thank you for the help



Voroni 1.JPG

voronoi 2.JPG

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Hey there!
It's a little difficult for me to say without poking around in your scene file. I've tried a quick test now and I can't replicate the issue but one of the things I'd have a look at is the scattering of the points. are you using a fog volume or an sdf (distance/surface) volume in the "vdb from polygons"? This should be a fog vdb and it should also be set to "fill interior", otherwise it is basically just the same as just scattering directly on the surface.

When it comes to a quick fix you could try to use the fuse node but uncheck the "fuse snapped points". This should snap the points to the same position in space without actually welding them together, maybe that can solve the issue.

Hope some of that can help, and if not, be sure to upload your hipfile if you can so we can dig into it and try to find the issue.

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