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Mantra rendering warning

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building some mantra shaders I've gotten a warning on which I can't find any kind of info anywhere - ../unifiednoise_static2: Macro "BASIS" redefined. Using later definition (52,1).

As far as I can tell it appears when using unified noise static VOP output as a seed (P) of another unified noise static VOP. Warning doesn't show up every time, sometimes forcing compile fixes it, sometimes it makes it come back, sometimes changing settings on noise makes it go away, sometimes makes it come back.

Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this and/or give me any pointers where to go bug hunting,



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If it's in a VOP, you can right-click and view as code. Maybe the vop generation is redefining a variable when it doesn't have to. I think you can ignore warnings if the vop is functioning correctly.

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