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Redshift rendering Zdepth

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I used Redshift to set the Zdepth in AOV and output the exr.
When I load the exr output to Nuke, the Zdepth is bright red as shown in the image.
The object is not being displayed correctly.

Do I need to set a custom depth in this case?

I have attached the hip file, so if anyone can provide a sample of how to do this, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Thank you very much.




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There's nothing wrong with your depth pass... it's just that the depth is being displayed in scene units, so the pixel value of the furthest objects is about 11 (the background is 4000). If you turn the exposure slider all the way down, you should be able to see values. Or just take a look at the RGBA values in the monitor as you mouse over the pixels. 


Screenshot 2021-05-19 100609.png

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