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Create point on the middle of a primitive

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Hi, So I'm trying to create a point on the center of a primitive like the picture I've attached. Can anyone help me out?

- Scatter will create the point but it is randomly, not on the middle of the grid

- I've tried other centroid point methods but the point is outside of the mesh. So I'm stuck here :(


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Posted (edited)

Prim wrangle 1 : 

int pts[] = primpoints(0,@primnum);
vector center = 0;
foreach(int pt;pts){
    center += point(0,"P",pt);
center /= len(pts);
v@center = center;

Wrangle 2 ( run in detail ) :

int nprim = nprimitives(0);
for(int i = 0; i < nprim; i++){
    vector center = prim(0,"center",i);
    int pt = addpoint(0,center);

or you can use two Sop : Enumerate  Sop and Extract Centroid  sop to do that . 

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