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Select all ptnum 0 then ptnum 1 etc

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I am trying to Sort some points on the primitives I have.

As you see from the image I need to Sort the points to first grab all of the first ones on each prim (0,6,11,16,21,etc).

Then once I reach the spiral segment length (10 in this case), append the next segment of the spiral.


One way I can see is using Sort by proximity to a point but I don't know how to make this point dynamic. But I am struggling to reference origin pt coordinates (0) into the Sort node.

Alternatively, it's a Point Wrangle with some VEX code & some counters.

Are there any off-the-shelf tools that can do this that I am missing?




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Posted (edited)

can you upload your splines ? Would prefer to run my logic thru your splines than my mock up that doesn't match your scene exactly.


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Have you tried using the Add node?

You can enable Point 0 and use its position (via point(...) expression in Sort) if your origin isn't static. Once you have sorted by proximity, you can use another Add node, in the Polygons tab > By Group, Add "Groups of N points".

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