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How -- Shallow Parabola curve ?

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I want to create a parabola but, only a shallow curve which you can get from a parabola.  How would I create the points as to get such a shape, I've tried sine and cosine but nothing which resembles ?

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One way to get an approximation of a parabolic arc is to create a line with 4 points, shift the middle 2, then convert to NURBs (and back to poly, if so desired).

Otherwise, you could use wrangles and the parabolic equation(s):
e.g. Create a line along X, centered on the origin, then attach a wrangle with the following snippet

float scale = chf('scale');
float offy = chf('offset_y');

@P.y = (@P.x * @P.x) * scale + offy;


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