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Houdini HDK SOP Potrace For Better Bitmap Vectorization(SOP Compilable)

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Youtube Dome: https://youtu.be/ASoE9gd4sR0 [youtu.be]
Selling Link: https://gum.co/oqkSJ [gum.co]


This SOP(Support SOP Compilable) provides a much better bitmap vectorization method than the intrinsic "trace" SOP.
And It also has the ability to trace the volumes or heightfields from the input0 of the sop.

Instruction and example file are also provided.


1. When switch to "From Image" this sop will trace an image from the path.

2.When switch to "From Volumes" this sop will trace the volume primitves from input0, also support heightfield since the heightfield is exactly a kind of volume.


If you have paid, you could get further updates to support the latest production-ready houdini version for free from me (Houdini 18.5.563 or newer on Windows).

if you have paid and there is any issue of installation and bugs, email me or comment on youtube, you will get help.



Screenshot 2021-05-29 195928.jpg

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