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Loop Simulation and Niagara (ue4) export

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(I have posted on the wrong sub forum, reposting here)

Hello everyone.
I have been using Houdini to Niagara on several projects for now and it works fine.
However i would like to loop some of my sims.
I do it with a couple of time remap nodes in Houdini.

Of course it doesn't work within Niagara.
(the sim ends in the middle, exactly where the "end" of the sim is and the second part is not showing up).
I tried to alter a few attributes ( age, life ) with no success.

I am wondering if there are intrinsic attributes that should be changed in order for this to work?

( I have attached an example )

let me know if I missed something.



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Try exporting at 30fps. I think someone on an Unreal forum told me that Niagara is hard coded to that.

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