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Crowd randomizing layers (more than one)

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I am currently looking into some crowd stuff and I ran into a problem that is driving me crazy. I have a library of clothes (shirts/ trousers/ etc) and I need to randomize these on my agents. I have watched the really awesome Mill talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxVpPM2Veqw&ab_channel=Houdini) where they went through their approach and I have all the skinning/ agent layers set up. The problem is, I have no idea how to combine (layer?) those layers. I can have a crowd where each agent has a random shirt OR a random pair of trousers, but I can't get them to have BOTH, even less one of multiple categories. 

I tried to do a general "shirts" layer that has all the shirts on top of one another, but I can't figure out how to randomly pick out one and hide/delete the others. I know there are intrinsics for the different shapes but I can't find any information on what to do with them.

If anyone has any input on how to do this, I would be extremely grateful! I have looked everywhere for information haha. The closest I have found is a blog post (http://www.crowd-effects.com/2020/06/agent-preparation-with-skinned-clothing.html), where the author uses multiple crowd sources, one per category. This is awesome but I can't get this to carry into my sim because as soon as I introduce randomization in dops, the clothing layers split from the agent. 

Thanks! (and again, I reaally appreciate any pointers) :)


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