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random rotarion added to the each Y axis

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Hi people!

Justa superquick issue B)

I need to keep the normal direction of the point, so all the heads will be oriented along the normal direction. BUT I would like to randomize their rotation around the Y axis, so they should not be all "looking straight up" but they should be ALL randomly rotated along each of their Y axis. I hope this explanation does make a bit sense. :rolleyes:

I am attaching the file.

Thank you so much for any advice guys!



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You can write something like this to add some random rotation around N:

float angle = radians ( fit ( rand ( @ptnum + ch("seed") ), 0, 1, -360, 360 ) );
@rot = quaternion ( angle, normalize ( @N ) );


Make sure the geometry to be copied is aligned to Z axis though.


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