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CopyStamp texture path not working

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There were a few little things wrong in your approach. First, don't copy stamp. Copy stamping is dead. Second, you need to create a string attribute for the Material SOP to override... Redshift is dumb and their texture sampler doesn't have an actual parameter for the texture path that you can override, so you have to instead manually create a spare parameter on the Material Builder, and then channel reference the RS Texture Sampler to follow that attribute. Then you can tell the Material SOP to override that value, after the copies are made. The override is meant to apply to the finished objects; you don't need to do anything before the copy operation other than create your range of random texture values.

Here's your file back with the changes made.


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Thank you Toadstorm, I will check it tomorow at work ;)

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Hi Toadstorm, is something missing? i can't get it work... Strange


edit : It was missing material style sheet ovveride, it's ok now ;)

Thank you

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get infos

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