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Nicholas Ralabate

Export FBX from Houdini to Maya HIK

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I'm trying to export Mocapbiped3 as an FBX to Maya HIK in order to retarget his animations onto another rig (no access to kinefx currently). However, no matter what I do the HIK character definition ends up with a totally screwed arm. There is a warning that the arm is not parallel to the X axis, even though I am in T-Pose. Has anybody done this successfully? I am pretty new to rigging so it could be a simple mistake.



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Problem was that Mocapbiped3 rig had a scale of negative one on the LeftShoulder_To_LeftArm bone. Deleting and recreating the left arm (then reskinning) made HIK accept the resulting FBX.

Luckily found somebody who was experiencing the same problem with that rig here: https://forum.ipisoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=10310&view=previous


P.S. If anybody knows why it was exporting at scale of -1, would love to know. The bone node itself was set to scale of positive one.

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